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Tang Stamps

These logos had been before the launch of the dot numbering system of the Case knives. While these logos is not going to present the same yr of knife manufacturing, they will give a tough estimate for the blade you own. On Case & Sons knives, quite a few different stamps have been used. These stamps may be discovered on the grasp blade’s tang and can be used to find out when the knife was made. The most prevalent stamps and the years they were used are shown beneath, together with an image of the place the stamp is placed. It makes use of Xs and dots to establish the manufacture date of every blade.

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Licensed knives are created when Case collaborates with one other company or group to design unique knives that bear the identify of the other entity. Some of the jigging patterns are Peach Seed, Crow’s Feet, Heritage, Impala, Rogers, and Standard. Because the establishment of accumulating is already in place for the brand, it’s easier for newbies to leap in. While other producers might synthesize the bone materials, Case is committed to utilizing the true thing on its knives. There is an embargo on stag handles which prevents most producers from utilizing such bone material however that has not stopped Case from utilizing bone from other sources. Jim Sargent created one of the most complete relationship guides to American knives and razors and I would advise it if you’re critical about knife collecting.

In certain a long time, the stamp features 10 dots or stars and one is eliminated every year. Case has this laid out for you within the schooling portion of their site so you presumably can easily ID the tangs. If you see a knife with the tang stamp to the right, you must have the ability to inform exactly what year it was made (The answer is 1997). With the code on the bottom of the stamp, you want to have the power to inform the deal with materials, pattern style and variety of blades.

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Thank you for posting that picture – the one knife I am trying to date has the #8 brand, now simply have to search out out what the sample 881 is. For over 130 years, our knives have proudly earned their places in the pockets of the farmers, fishermen, hunters, ropers, and bankers who carry them. Every detail of a Case® knife has been rigorously crafted to serve years of daily use and to be passed down to future generations.

A three.3-inch blade can also be smaller than a number of the different searching knives out there, however this compact design helped increase the Sharpfinger’s recognition. When giant looking age match knives started to fall out of favor, many individuals opted for the smaller 152OT. Earlier in the article, we talked about that the Old Timer 8OT Senior Folding Pocket Knife was the second Old Timer model ever created by Schrade. It’s a testament to the design that the Old Timer Senior stays in production to this present day and is certainly one of our best-selling knives here at Knife Depot.

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Follow the other instructions on this guide to estimate a particular yr if faced with such a state of affairs. After 1980, Case took the dotted system to the knives that they made between 1980 – 1990, but they varied the design of the company logo so that we may tell it aside. Using the information above, you can slim the knife right down to a specific year higher. In the years since, Case Knives have remained a beloved and revered model, producing knives which would possibly be both useful and beautiful. From the traditional Trapper and Stockman patterns to the sleek and modern designs of at present, Case Knives have turn out to be a true icon on the planet of cutlery.

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The late 1980’s introduced in the Parker period, whereby Jim Parker leveraged his belongings and bought W.R. Jim went to work making an attempt to solve the monetary issues by flooding the market with variations and collector sets. The Case Centennial Set was a one hundred knife set in a folder that featured pink bone, stag, and goldstone composite. There have been additionally lots of overruns in most patterns that showed up with out the etchings or just outside the set itself. For the most part these knives have been good and Jim used some tooling (if not externally made altogether) to add some patterns to the catalog.

Current case knives function cattle bone, mother of pearl, and even buffalo horn in the bone deal with class. There are other non-animal sourced materials for knife fanatics who wish to select such options too. The white easy bone front handle is etched with all five decades’ tang stamps. This handle also has ten dots engraved on the front bolsters. The back (or pile side) handle and back bolsters are left unadorned.

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Keep in mind that a knife’s tang stamp alone cannot be relied upon for a 100 percent constructive identification of age. From 1920 to 1940, the knife was stamped with a easy handwritten font – Case solely. A similar emblem was used with 25¢ written in the backside right corner.